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True Representation

Community involvement – continuing to be involved and out in the open in the community to hear from the voices of the people in West Pasco. Returning the district office to an open location rather than hidden away, out of sight from constituents.

City representation – for too long both the city governments of New Port Richey and Port Richey have been blatantly ignored because of a childish grudge held by the sitting representative. Because of population growth now more than ever the cities need a voice in Tallahassee to provide essential services to their constituents who are also the constituents of District 56.

Being a voice – recognizing and addressing the issues that people face in the district. Lowering the cost of insurance, and prescription drug prices. Cutting property taxes for our seniors and veterans who have been living here for far longer and should not be taxed out of their homes. Also addressing traffic and encouraging local and county governments to build roads before communities.


Fighting to provide a career focused education in Florida. Removing common core and advanced placement programs for dual enrollment in High school and building trade and technical schools. Changing curriculum to focus on historical fact, government and patriotism before Critical Race Theory and never allowing any school in Florida to teach students CRT through material or the teacher.

Public Safety

Standing with our law enforcement and firefighters to fight for any resources they need to keep our communities safe and with population growth solving the law enforcement shortage by encouraging hiring from within communities.

Addressing homelessness and drugs in our community by allowing churches and non governmental organizations to help, rather than the government handing out money with no compassion or help, they are still lost when the government does this. Churches and organizations offer a helping hand, a face, and trust to the person that is in need.

Gun Rights

Returning the rights of young Americans in Florida from 18-21 years old whose rights were unconstitutionally infringed when the state raised the age to purchase a firearm to 21. This is a blatant infringement of the 2nd amendment that was passed with support of spineless republicans. This and the red flag laws that were also passed opens the door for more infringement and must be returned to constitutional standards. 

Passing constitutional carry and campus carry. The Bill or Rights are not suggestions and should be defended by politicians endlessly. No politician has the authority to touch your rights. Only YOU.

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